Company profile

Est. August, 2006
CEO: hiroshi Irie

ADD: chikumazawa983-1, miyoshi-cho, iruma-shi, saitama, 354-0043 Japan
TEL. +81-49-259-3230 (japanese only)
FAX. +81-49-259-3293
* We only handle inquiries in Japanese via telephone.

Corporate History

August, 1996
Founded as a optical parts processor, mainly engaging in polishing of optical lenses.

December, 2004
Switched to the industry of precision parts processing, by introducing a machining center.

May, 2015
Transferred to the current corporate address in order to expand the corporate factory.


Major Products


・Developed and racing parts for four-wheel vehicles
・Developed and racing parts for motorcycles
・Optical measurement instrument parts
・Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts
・Vacuum equipment parts
・Medical equipment parts
・Shaving molded parts

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Line of Materials


General steel (up to about HR60), stainless-steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper alloy, titanium, resin, and various other metals


Major Equipment and Facilities


Machines Machine name / Software title Manufacturer Specifications
5-axis machining centers a61nx-5E(details) MAKINO MILLING MACHINE HSK-A63, 20000rpm, 2APC 0.5μ scale feedback, High-precision bearings, Built-in inhale
NMV5000(details) DMG Mori Seiki BBT40, 20000rpm, equipped with lathe turning
Vertical machining centers MB56-VA OKUMA BBT40, 15000rpm, Automatic measuring, Scale feedback
MB56-VA OKUMA BBT40, Dividing 4-axis 15000rpm, Center through, Automatic measuring, Scale feedback
MC-5V HAMAI BT50, Main gear shaft
Tapping centers α21iDL FANUC CORPORATION BBT30, Dividing 4-axis, 10000rpm
α21iE FANUC CORPORATION BBT30, Dividing 4-axis, 10000rpm
NC lathes LB3000EX OKUMA 8-inch chuck
NR20Ⅲ Hitachi Seiki 8-inch chuck
CNC 3-D measuring machine (★)
CRYSTA-Apex S9166 Mitutoyo Copy measurement, Free-form surface evaluation measurement
Manual 3-D measuring machine (★)
QMM-353 Mitutoyo  
MF-501 Nikon 150 mm height measurement
CADCAM systems HyperMill OPENMIND 5-AXIS CATIA direct I/F

The (★) mark indicates measuring equipment.


UNIVERSAL's Metal Processing Work


UNIVERSAL Inc. manufactures and provides prototypes for research and development institutions in various technical industries, from the automotive industry to industries of aircraft parts and space development programs, with a high degree of precision in quick delivery.

■ Quick delivery according to the development speed (the average lead time from order receipt to delivery within the Kanto Region: 5 days)

■ Finishing of complicated and difficult shapes and shaving materials with high precision based on our own know-how

■ Stable quality secured by thorough air conditioning 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year (always at 24°C)


Commitment to 5-axis Processing

Even as a small company, our factory is equipped with vertical and horizontal 5-axis machining centers which are usually difficult to operate and handle. Making such efforts, we commit ourselves to improve finishing precision on a daily basis.


Two Types of CADCAM Software

By using the proper software of the two different types of CADCAM according to processing, we provide the needed precision at the shortest lead time for customers (3-axis FeatureCAM/5-axis Hypermill).


Selected Cutting Tools are Always Ready

In order to offer high-precision finishing, we always have a collection of cutting tools and holders in the needed quantity that are procured from overseas manufacturers ready for use.


NC Circular Tables for Vertical Machines

Our vertical machines are equipped with circular tables so that we can support 4-axis processing.

Dividing and Simultaneous 5-axis Processing is also always ready.

We support both dividing 5-axis processing and simultaneous 5-axis processing.

Scale Feedback is Fully-Equipped

Our machines are equipped with scale feedback/high-speed main axes (20000rpm).

HSC Supported

CADCAM supports HSC (*1), while being capable of outputting rough processing data at a high speed. This system thus reduces processing time and creates high-quality finishing data.

Resin materials are also supported

We mainly process metals, but we have recently started processing resin-based materials for weight saving. (*2)

*1 HSC: High-speed Cutting Cutter Path
*2 Advanced to the domain of processing lightweight parts by thin cutting (approved as a business innovation plan certified by the governor of Saitama Pref.)



■ 5-axis Processing


In our business, 5-axis processing is essential for providing parts in complicated shapes that are required for technical research and development fields. This processing includes some issues related to expansion of the error due to many axes used, and this makes actual processing quite difficult. Precision errors due to processing heat and pose variations could become larger when compared to processing based on 3-axis machines. Taking advantage of our experience and technique we have accumulated, we control such errors while fully utilizing our temperature-controlled workplace and measurement environment. Therefore, our performance continues to achieve the highest level of finishing within the industry throughout a year.

cad1 cad1

■ Our 5-axis Processing Machines



DMG Mori Seiki: NMV5000

NMV5000 is a vertical 5-axis MC manufactured by one of the four major domestic processing machinery manufacturers, Mori Seiki. Taking advantage of this machine's feature of easy handling, we use this machine for producing parts in small lots. The table equipped with the DD motor, which swiftly starts to run, makes simultaneous 5-axis processing faster. This 500-φ table has a structure that interferes with the main axis less, being capable of processing undercut even at quite a deeper portion just on one process.




This horizontal 5-axis MC, a61nx-5E, is manufactured by the largest manufacture in the industry, MAKINO MILLING MACHINE. This machine is designed as the high-precision specification by changing ball screws into fine-pitch screws, making it possible to finish multiple high-precision 5-axis processed parts efficiently. This machine, equipped with 2APC, can meet a wide variety of needs, such as unmanned operation of a number of processed parts and scheduled operation to finish two types of processed parts alternately. It also supports spring neck processing that is much in demand in making dense packing grooves. As designed based on a horizontal MC, this machine is also suitable for deep hole processing using long drills.